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 Crowns of Power

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PostSubject: Crowns of Power   Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:13 am


Crowns of Power is Rampid Interactive's first 3D graphical online MMO for the PC. It features an extensive 3D world, filled with amazing landscapes and environments. The game world is being designed to support hundreds of players simultaneously, with the network capacity to support many game servers. Players will meet up with others from all over the world to fight side by side or opposite one another on the field of battle. Adapt and evolve in this ever changing world, where players self-govern and guide one another. Will you fight for what is just and true, or seek the ultimate desire of man in a quest for absolute power?

How does Crowns of Power differ from other MMOs?
In Crowns of Power, players will have the power to govern themselves in a volatile world where PvP (Player vs Player) combat can be engaged in nearly everywhere you go. With smaller world populations, there will be a sense of community unlike any other game on the market. Players will earn their reputation and role on the server, and be held accountable for their actions. Death will come with a steeper price, and make people think twice before committing acts against the community. As guilds develop, they'll be able to display their power by obtaining Guild Halls that they must maintain and protect, adding another social and contested element to the game.

What does Crowns of Power cost to play?
Absolutely nothing, except of course the time it takes to download the client. Crowns of Power will have no monthly fee, or charges of any kind. Players will have access to a point store where they can purchase account upgrades, or exclusive access to future content, but no credit card or payment will be necessary to participate in the game.

Will Crowns of Power be available on CD?
No, Crowns of Power will be available via download from our servers for no cost. There are no plans at this time to have it available in disc format.

Where does Crowns of Power take place?
Crowns of Power takes place in the 3D fantasy world of Arder. The world is separating into factions, as certain individuals rise, and fall from power. What will your role be in this growingly complicated world?

What is the objective of the game?
The objective of the game is to evolve your character through adventures and quests while obtaining rare and unique items, spells and powers. As you progress, your role in the social and community aspect of the game could take on important roles as people elect fellow players into positions of power. Diplomacy, public relations, and mutual interests of the community will play a huge part in the players experience in Crowns of Power, and provide other means of entertainment that go beyond killing computer controlled monsters and raid encounters. Guilds will also be able to strive towards and obtain guild halls where their guild can meet, train, and even store arsenals in times of war. Guild halls will be able to be attacked and contested by rivaling guilds.

What is the inventory system like?
Players will have 5 backpack slots available to them, each providing a number of inventory spots to store a wide range of items, spells and artifacts. There will also be a vault and bank to store items in that will be universal and accessible from any bank or vault in the game.

How does the combat system work?
Combat is a real-time system, where players will have access to a select number of spells/skills from their spell book at any given time. Each player will also be able to summon up to 4 pets/minions to assist them at level 50.

Are there any servers that are non-PvP?
We don't currently have plans for non-pvp servers as we feel it will be a large part of the game play. We're not ruling out the possibility of having those servers available though, depending on player interest for non-PvP servers.

Can I customize my characters appearance?
Yes. You'll be able to have some options for customization of your character in the character selection screen, as well as point store upgrades for visual customization.

What happens when I die?
When you die, you'll be prompted to either respawn in the nearest Graveyard, or wait until a resurrection is available from another player. Depending on your standing as a citizen in Arder, different penalties will be applied to death. Someone who is labeled as a murderer, for instance, will suffer significantly harsher penalties upon death then an "innocent." These penalties will be in the form of items and gold from your inventory dropping upon death, as well as a potential loss of items from your backpack.

Where will I respawn?
If you don't receive a resurrection, then you'll spawn at the nearest graveyard from where you were when you died.

How is travel in the game?
Travel will mostly be on foot, however we will have mounts available to players in the game as well as ways to travel between cities and long distances.

What classes are available in Crowns of Power?
There are no true classes in Crowns of Power. Instead, players will develop their characters down certain paths of their choosing as they evolve in the world. Players will be able to allot points towards statistics each level, and choose between 5 different schools of magic, where they can mix and match to be a jack of all trades, or pursue a deeper knowledge of one or two specific schools to specialize in. The choice is yours…
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Crowns of Power
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