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 The Chronicles of Spellborn! MMORPG with exciting features!!

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PostSubject: The Chronicles of Spellborn! MMORPG with exciting features!!   Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:54 pm

I have to say after reading up on TCoS this game is gonna completely ROCK! It has been around for a while but mainly only accessible to the european market as a P2P game. All this is about to change as ACCLAIM`s David Perry (maker of such games as EarthWorm Jim, The Matrix) has signed to release the game for the US market as a F2P!! Thats right FREE!!

You gotta check this out and read up on everything this game offers, it will surprise the shit out of you for sure! No Joke, this game really impresses just by what it offers!! Not like any other MMO where percentages and luck play a role in winning instead of pure skill. This game gives players total control of combat without the automatic feel that some combat systems in MMos do!

You have to at least read up on the features and check it out, this game really might surprise you!!

The european website is in english and you can read up on the features, troll the forums and ask players what they think, as well as a quide to playing TCoS which you can find here.....


Once you have read up and would like to get involved with the closed beta, head over to Acclaims website and register for CB, which will be starting soon. Linkage below....


Acclaim is one fo the better gaming companys out there who are leading the industry in experimental gaming as well as bringing quality games to the market for all. Their item mall is pretty cheap to and very fair! I used to do a lot of beta testing with a small crew for Russel Demaria (Davids right hand man) on 2 Moons. I can say without a doubt that Acclaim does care about the games and how they present them to their audiences! Alot more so than your run of the mill publishers!

Give this game a try, I really think this will be one, if not the best F2P game to be published in a long time. Must be a good game if its still in P2P market in europe! Now Acclaim is bringing it to us for FREE! Dont miss out on really seeing the game up close and personal by registering for the closed beta, which will be starting soon!

Game On!
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PostSubject: Re: The Chronicles of Spellborn! MMORPG with exciting features!!   Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:30 pm

I have a friend who liked Spellborn at first, but said it got boring very quickly.
He played the EU release, and said hopefully the US release will be a bit better.

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The Chronicles of Spellborn! MMORPG with exciting features!!
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