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 ip ban wth really?

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PostSubject: ip ban wth really?   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:51 pm

Hey Guys I am new here. Been on perfect world for a while now. I was looking for help and hope I can get some good news. I got out of working in the ER last night and decided to look at some old forums and I guess my ip blocker kicked on which I thought I deleted a long time ago. I did not see it on and decided to lvl my lvl 60 veno. I go to sign on and bam....wont let me...my cell rang with message and I get a massage saying I have been banned and support a ticket. Am i screwed or? I mean I have no idea whats going on...I sent a ticket this morning. My email I got was

Subject Account Suspension


Your account, *********, has been suspended for logging in from a banned region or an open proxy.

For specific details regarding this suspension, please contact Perfect World Entertainment's Customer Service Group via the ticketing system that can be found here:

The Terms of Service in its entirety can be referenced here:

PWE Customer Service Team

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ip ban wth really?
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